OSGTOOL.COM 16 WWW.BHID.COM • 855-610-1001 Balanced Point Form for stable hole entry. Improved Cutting Edge for reduced cutting forces and smaller chip size. Coating Exceptional Wear Resistance & Toughness Constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure stable and consistent tool life. Suppresses friction with the wear resistance layer; prevents breakage with the nano periodical layer. A Brand® ADF After drilling 1,620 holes (Still good) Competitor After drilling 660 holes (Chipping) Material: Carbon Steel (1050) Cutting Speed: 246 SFM (3,981 RPM) • Feed Rate: 9.4 IPM (0.002 IPR) Wide Flute Room facilitates stable chip evacuation. EgiAs Coating for exceptional wear resistance and toughness. 20° Helix for high rigidity. Double Margin for high rigidity. Sharp Gash Angle produces chips with fine curl. ADFO & ADF Features & Benefits